I've had the privilege of knowing Adrian professionally since 2007. In this time, his experience and professionalism impressed me so much that I ceased using an existing coaching arrangement and employed Adrian's services.
In 2010, I was lucky enough to secure some funding for a ten-month coaching and mentoring programme. Since this time, Adrian has helped my business immensely. As the owner of my business I only answer to myself; I found it tremendously helpful to have somebody who not only kept me accountable but also encouraged me to shape the growth of my company.
In the first 10 months that Adrian was my business coach, he guided me through a number of big decisions. He helped me to identify the right kind of customers and to stop working with customers that are high maintenance and low value; he helped me to target these customers and to get a much greater return on my time and efforts; he also enabled me to identify the businesses that will be able to refer me work again and again, giving me leverage over my time.
Adrian has helped me to develop a programme for client retention. He enabled me to develop a new business plan through the exercises that surround his 'Wheel of Business Life' tool. He has undertaken a Belbin Team Role Analysis on our staff and shown me how to better identify the people and roles that will enhance our business.
Most importantly, Adrian has helped me with two significant business opportunities: With Adrian's help and with his insights into the tendering process, I was able to win the first tender that I had ever applied to leading to well-paid consultancy work that is generating me an extra £15,000 per year and a steady stream of clients. Furthermore, Adrian has enabled me to confidently develop a business plan for a joint-venture with an international company that will lead to me being the owner of a second and very profitable business. This is the biggest opportunity of my business life and one that I would not have been able to attack without Adrian's help.
When the ten-month coaching and mentoring programme finished, I had no hesitation in retaining Adrian's services for the long-term because he was able to provide so much value and insight to me and my business. Adrian offers a free hour's coaching session and I feel that people should be beating his door down to get it. I wholeheartedly recommend Adrian's services and feel that if you ask for his support it will be one of the best things you've ever done for your business. I would urge anybody that has ambitious plans for the growth of their business to take advantage of Adrian's free session and to see his abilities for themselves. If you cannot see the value that you will get from coaching and mentoring during this session I will happily guarantee you your money back.
Sam Goddard, St James Systems, Internet Marketing and Web Design