Coaching themes

Galilee Coaching and Mentoring provide a range of approaches to help you explore where you are and achieve what you want. You may wish to become more aware of yourself, express your core values and tackle any limiting beliefs. You may want to work on attitude and behaviours or on changing a habit – taking up a new one or giving something up. You may feel successful but want to bring the future into focus and strive for bigger and better achievements. Or you may desire to discover more about the deeper meanings in life and what sort of a person you are in relation to the universe.

Coaching topics can include stress management, assertiveness, self-confidence, self-esteem, self awareness, understanding others, life fulfilment, relationships – partners, friends, parents, children, spiritual development, behaviour and attitude change, finding motivation, building personal morale, and work-life balance.

Treat a friend or colleague to a life changing coaching experience