What are Adrian’s strengths?
Adrian’s initial challenge was to gain the belief and confidence of the MD, who was willing to listen, but was not sure of the level of benefit to be gained when weighed up against the time commitments required. Most importantly initially Adrian ‘ just listened ‘ by a subtle combination of attentiveness, reflection, probing questions, this enabled the stakeholders to feel that Adrian understood the drivers, strengths, weaknesses and current limiting factors in the company. As MD I would have had difficulty in accepting opinions from somebody who did not understand the company they were advising.

Adrian displayed great personal awareness in accessing the character and working style of the MD and other key stakeholders, effecting change by eliciting thought processes and discussion with more direct prompting when needed and adding insightful observations on ideas and concerns.

As the process of ‘creating change’ took hold, Adrian clearly demonstrated his ability to communicate effectively at all levels within the business. All staff within the company knew why Adrian was there, what we were aiming to achieve and ‘in effect‘ is, totally accepted by all, in his role as catalyst and trusted advisor.

Adrian’s total commitment to his role combined with his enthusiasm and desire to help drive companies forward, is a strength that is highly valued and a rare commodity.

What projects have you seen him work on?
The project was to help elevate our company from being a successful, but fairly ‘parochial’, UK software house with a leading edge product, maximise its potential for growth. Put simply Adrian has been the catalyst in helping us unlock that potential.

With Adrian we created a comprehensive strategic growth plan covering all aspects of the business, from recruitment to customer support services. We appointed a Change Board and Change Team which has developed the Growth Plan, guided by Adrian, which creates, meets and reports on all the individual and team goals.

From the Change Team, an expected ‘Tier 2’ management team emerged, engaging all elements of the company and creating the structure and platform to sustain the growth and the business in the long term. Adrian’s introduction and on-going use of Belbin Team Role analysis has been important in enabling us to match, understand and position resources to best effect.

Because the Growth Plan involved all employee’s from the outset, the positivity relating to the scheme and the atmosphere within the business has been excellent. Traditionally these projects are often seen as an unwelcome addition to the working day or as a potential threat, however Adrian’s inclusive style and sense of empowerment has negated any negative aspects.

As the MD I no longer feel that my day is stolen by employees and that I may well live to retirement!

It is difficult to definitively say whether this would have occurred without the influence of the coach, however the facts are that the company is driving forward positively, in a difficult economic environment. Growth levels of over 22%, for two years in succession, in turnover and significantly increased profits since the involvement and support of Adrian is surely evidence of his effect.

We now believe we will maximise the potential of the solution we have created and open up the doors to an exciting period of growth for the company.

What would you say are areas where he might develop his management skills?
This is difficult for me to assess as I assume that Adrian adjusts his style to the audience and individuals he is dealing with in any company and therefore I may not be aware of other skills he has which have not been a feature of his relationship with our company.

Adrian is a consummate professional, discrete and a trusted advisor so I feel confident that he does not require guidance in any of these areas, however Adrian may benefit from further high level training in the appreciation of board level finance, accounting and trends as well as when to become more assertive in ensuring the successful adoption of his and the agreed goals.

I hope this provides the background you were looking for and please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind Regards