Having worked at Launde Abbey for three years, a chance conversation with Adrian made her realise that she was holding back something of herself while at work, while also trying to be “all things to all people”. Beryl wanted advice and the ability to change this situation, while considering her imminent job change. She was equally keen to explore the differences between counselling, mentoring, spiritual direction and life coaching.

Beryl met Adrian when he visited the abbey and the discussion of life coaching arose. Curious to find out more about how life coaching could help her own situation, Beryl decided to attend one of Adrian’s courses at Launde Abbey.

As a spiritual director at the abbey, Beryl wanted guidance on how to use life coaching skills in her work.

“Adrian had seen how life was for me and understood that things had not always been easy for me in my working life, particularly in terms of my job description.

“The course was brilliant. Adrian gives you so much information. The setting is also beautiful, with wonderful grounds and miles from anywhere.”

“Adrian has used his life-coaching skills to help me to look at what is important to me and who I am. What do I want to do in the next three years? I am about to move on from here, so part of my doing the life coaching was about achieving a good, positive closure here and how to end on a good note while keeping an eye on the future.

“He helped me to dream and to realise how out-of-balance my life was'

“I have noticed how different I was. In one sense, I feel like Adrian has brought me alive again. It was almost like a part of me was suppressed in my work environment. Only part of me was working here, but now I am more like myself.

“Whichever job I go to next, I have a clearer awareness of my own needs, so I can make sure I get a good balance and get what I need from it. I can now focus on my real gifts, rather than trying to be all things to all people.

“I’m having a sabbatical for three months, and then I will explore life coaching again.

“You can’t do it on your own. You need someone to guide you who has both experience of the work place but who has also had some very good training in this area.

“With Adrian, you can talk about any area of your life. Life coaching is life-changing. If you are in a rut and need new direction, then I would advise that you give him a call.”