Struggling with a poor work:life balance, single parent Liz Collis began coaching with Adrian. Turns took an unexpected turn for the worse when, early on in the sessions, Liz was made redundant from the private sector.


With a demanding job that included hours well in excess of the contracted 37 hours a week, plus a minimum 70 miles’ travel daily, Leicestershire resident Liz found herself dissatisfied and uninspired, with what she describes as “the most atrocious life:work balance”.

But after only two coaching sessions with Adrian to address this topic most specifically, Liz found herself redundant from her job. From here, her coaching sessions took on a whole new impetus.

A single parent with two teenaged children, Liz was made redundant in May 2008. Having attempted a career change a year or so previously, Liz had begun a life coaching course herself, but did not pursue things past her initial certificate because of the demands it put on her already-scarce time.

“Having trained in life coaching a bit myself, I already realised the true value of coaching. I heard about Adrian through my mother, who met him and got talking to him about mentoring and coaching. He gave her one of his cards, which she passed on to me and which I filed away for safe keeping.

“More than a year later, I found myself feeling quite unhappy, so I dug out Adrian’s card. I’d had coaching sessions with a couple of other people prior to seeing him, but I just didn’t click with them somehow. Adrian was quite business-like, which is how I am, and so I liked it.

“He encouraged me to find the direction which my life needed. He comes across as someone with the ability to deliver what he promises. And he does.

“When I was made redundant, I lost all confidence in myself. There couldn’t have been a better time for Adrian to have been there. He was encouraging and made me look at my strengths. It was great to have someone prepared to do that and to help me keep my focus.

“Adrian made me realise that looking for a job is a full-time job in itself. We talked about all the different jobs I had ever done, and the skills I had gained as a result.

“He also taught me not to restrict myself by going down the same road, but rather to think differently and to try something new.”

Liz had worked as an NHS nurse in the past, and also had health management experience. It wasn’t long before Liz found three jobs she wanted to apply for.

Adrian offered flexible support in every aspect of Liz’s hunt for a job, critiquing her CV and vetting her covering letters. Looking at the job specification for the first interview, Adrian tested Liz’s communication skills by staging a mock interview.

“Adrian went beyond his remit as a pure life coach. His experience in industry and the forces gives him a versatile perspective from which to help people.”

It took a third application for job before Liz was successful, the interview taking place only a matter of days after the previous one.

“I am now the manager of a large, multiple occupancy health centre. It is a challenging role which I am enjoying, thanks largely to restoring some balance in my life through the sessions with Adrian.

“I elected to start the job a little later than originally anticipated, inspired by discussions I’d had with Adrian in the coaching sessions. After a while away from the workplace, I wanted to gather my thoughts and prepare myself properly.

“I’d really recommend Adrian and wouldn’t hesitate to use his services in the future, as his recent support and versatility were invaluable at a key time in my life.”